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You’re building – that’s great! But are you blogging too?

So, you’re building a home? That’s great, but are you blogging too?

The craziest thing happened the other night… (sounds like the start of a Hollywood blockbuster).

I met with some people- gorgeous people – who’re building a home and need some help with finance. They were very upfront about where they had found my details – on a blog. A blog that a lovely client of mine is creating as he builds his dream home. He has been sweet enough to include a recommendation for the work we did in getting his construction loan in place (yes I am bragging – I do have the loveliest clients, ever).

So I ask them how do they know the lovely blogger  (no names please) and it came out that they don’t, but, having hit a few hurdles and building with the same builder they happened across his blog and voila – we meet.

This intrigued me – how did they find it, what did they “google” and what else is out there.

Well the first two questions remain unanswered but the third – the answer is plenty! There are hundreds of blogs on new dream home construction, something that would have never occurred to me.

And not only are they fascinating, informative and creative – The settings rock! They’re designer blogs with video and pictures of each step of the way.

Video! Panoramic vision of excavators scraping out blocks or tilers completing roofs.

Step by step logs of each stage and action with timings and dates. And I even found some with DIY instructions for completing the bits and pieces we all like to finalize our home with – thinking of a veggie patch? There’s someone can walk you through this. Tiling your patio – step by step instructions here.

It’s not just the buildees blogging either, I found at least one professional builder blogging about his builds.

Overall, most of those I popped onto were positive, building is renowned for its element of stress & yet it seems most of these observant and particular bloggers are overall enjoying the experience but it does make you think. If you’re a builder today the game just changed – everybody is now watching that neighborhood build so you had better give it your very best, might even be a good idea to get hair and makeup in for your tradies? Who knows!

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