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What do Borrowers want from a broker?

What do Borrowers want from a broker?

Mortgage brokers are your one true advocate in the borrowing process, they work for you wholly and solely and they do a great job in providing you with:

  1. Savings! The key role for any broker is to save you money!
  2. Choice and value – a great range of lenders to cover all of your needs or special circumstances
  3. Comparison – intelligence on which of these lenders will approve you or will have the features that you need.
  4. Advice – because they deal with lenders every day they know the ins and outs of every process from approval through to buying a home!

Borrowers don’t just come to a broker because they want a choice of lenders, they know there is competition out there and a quick internet search will find a lot of options, but borrowers want those options analysed and compared. Only professional and personal service can do this.

They want someone who can advise them and guide them on the best financial decisions. Brokers are mortgage and finance advisers.

If you want to re-finance, or buy a property, your broker is your financial guru and offers more than a humble home loan by guiding you through the whole process and making it as simple and pleasant as possible.

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