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Accountants with personality

Just like the old saying, “Oils ain’t oils” – Accountants are

NOT all the same!

A good accountant can make a huge impact on the success or failure of your investment property and of course your business!

There’s no room any longer for the old fashioned accountant  –

“Dear sir/madam client, please show me what you did last year and I will write it down for the ATO and you. Now here’s your bill”

These historians offer no advice and little value to anyone more complicated than a standard PAYG earner. Nothing to claim – sure, head to on over, but how do you know you have nothing to claim?

How do I know this? I am privelaged to work with some outstanding accountants; proactive, creative professionals who show their clients (and will happily show you) how to make the most of all the tax breaks available. I’m not talking about anything illegal here, I am talking a full and comprehensive understanding of the tax law and applying it with fervour.

Just today, I witnessed an accountant save their client hundreds of dollars with a simple detail – brilliant! And guess what – they have personality too!

The new accountant has ideas you’ve never heard of to makeyour money work harder. If you are in business, if you are into property, ifyou want to grow and make the most of your opportunities the new breed ofaccountant is the ONLY one for you. Don’t squander your savings – ask me who I recommend in your area.

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