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Comparison websites are no substitute for brokers

An article in the news today – Comparison sites are no substitute for brokers (
Hell yes!
Sure, I run a comparison site – – but its backed by real people, real brokers with professional skills in comparing loans because – rate isn’t everything!!
Sure, we want the cheapest loan we can get –  that’s the whole point of my job!
But, whats cheapest?
What about a loan with a $395 annual fee – pretty common, usually well and truly offset by a substantial discount.
But if you have a small loan – guess what, $395 a year could be more than the discount you’re getting, so now what’s cheapest?
Have you got time to work that out now?
And you’re not even going to know where to get started with comparing lenders mortgage insurance.

And whats the point of  a red hot interest rate if you don’t qualify for that loan for whatever reason, and believe me 90% of my job is working out who you qualify for and who you don’t. Now you’re just annoyed that you can’t have that loan.
Always, always, just go to a professional and save yourself the stress!
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