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The Art of Mortgage Broking | Home loan comparison

Upfront I will say – rarely does it go so much to plan that our clients are completely unaware any issues at all, but that’s a post for another day on banks and big business mentality….

However, the art of mortgage broking is such that the client knows little of the drama and effort behind the scenes in getting their loan over the line, we are the quintessential ducks – calm, serene and graceful above water but paddling like mad behind the scenes.
A recent example, a major lender lost the client’s certificate of title, lost! Panic! Well panic for us, the client was largely unaware – aware of a delay but not fully aware of the ramifications – and the lender, (well the call centre staff at any rate) quote time frames & stay completely aloof of the issue. In fact, the title was ordered from their archive on a Wednesday and policy ( service agreements) says they have 48 hours for it to arrive. 48 hours later it hasn’t turned up so it’s ordered again,  and the call centre staff are still quoting “we have 48 hours to process this”. Our alarm bells are ringing and in the background we are calling 3 times a day – 30 minutes on hold per occasion, minimum – and at the expiry of this second time frame with still no title we simply refused to get off of the phone until someone with common sense could be summoned & work out that there really was an issue. Turns out the title had been sent to the wrong department and thankfully the issue was evolved, but the client is blissfully aware of the crazy efforts Two Red Shoes put in, and this is as it should be.
Another example, a kind of difficult deal – plenty of reasons for it to be approved however it’s right on the edge of lender policy so we run e scenario past credit before we submit, the major issue being an extensive and clear explanation of how the borrower will pay the loan off. The green lit is given that if all stacks up it should be ok.
Land loan submitted, approved. Good work.
Building loan submitted, declined – what! The lender wants a clear exit strategy, exactly what we’ve already provided and had approved…. 50 minutes on hold, backwards and forwards with the assessors, pushing it up the chain & we have success. It really did make sense from the beginning so it’s the right answer. And the client, again, blissfully unaware, that’s success for us.
I could give you a million examples of crazy things at have gone wrong and been dealt with in the background because that’s what we do best, we get things sorted and hopefully you will never ever know the effort that has been put in behind the scenes for you.
So what do we do, what is the art of mortgage broking? It’s more than helping you choose a lender or a loan, it’s more than getting the loan approved, it’s more than circumnavigating the banks systems, it is making your dream come true before you even know there was an issue to be dealt with.
We are mortgage brokers Sydney that care and will give you the best home loan comparison service and more!

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