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Women rule when it comes to property | Australian Mortgage Brokers

I’ve come across a great article written by an accountant and author for the book “Man Down: Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else.”
He says “There seems to be increasing evidence to suggest that women are better at…well, just about everything, really.”
I have to agree wholeheartedly, although my take is a little different.
Abrams cites all manner of situations that women excel in:
  • ·       as soldiers as they tend to complain about pain less.
  • ·       less likely to be hit by lightning for the simple reason that they’re not foolish enough to stand outside in a storm
  • ·       As spies because they have the soft skills to get people to talk candidly.
  • ·       Basically, Abrams surmises that women are more practical and more rational, and generally just perform better at stuff than men.
Who’s arguing!
And when it comes to property he quotes women as having a more balanced, rational and conservative approach to property investment which eventuates in more property success.
In my own experience it’s the wives and mums in most households who take charge of the financial decisions, and do it well. They’re saving a bucket by reviewing their expenses, budgeting their costs and balancing wants with needs, and it’s all in a days work.
It’s not just decisions concerning our own homes either; in my career I have met far more successful female property investors – with multiple properties and all of them humming along – than I have successful male investors. Don’t misunderstand, I know you guys are doing well – but more than 10% of my past clients are single women who are doing very well! This compares to only roughly 5% being single male property investors . (The rest are families or couples where it’s probably she leading the decisions too!)
Two women I absolutely loved working with have more than 6 positively geared properties in growth areas each! Both of them are avid savers, keep on top of their costs, use large cash deposits that they have saved, and are on reasonable – but my no means huge – salaries.  I am very proud of their achievements!
Behind the scenes those who work in property are also kicking goals, conveyancers, agents, other brokers, accountants – we’re all property lovers and part of the successful jigsaw puzzle. I am sure that the diligent approach and caring nature of women who work in property makes all the difference in each and every transaction. It’s different to the way men approach looking after you – good different!
So, if you are female and wondering if you could be a successful property magnate – the answer is probably yes!

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