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Fast refinance – save money, FAST!

Once you’ve worked out you need to refinance your loan you want it done quickly!


There’s nothing worse than the usual 4- 6 week time frame, and particularly if you want the money for something special – like buying a car or going on a holiday.


Luckily sometimes there’s a shortcut way – FastRefi. It doesn’t work all the time, but when it does – fantastic! Fast refinance can sometimes be completed in as little as 2 weeks, and thats a huge difference.


Fast refinance basically pays the loan out before your current lender even knows you’re thinking about going – why does this help?

Well, when your current lender discovers you’re looking to move they do two things:

1 – engage their retention team who’s mission is to retain your business. In all cases we compare your current lender in the mix, so if  you’ve decided to go it’s for a reason and you don’t want to talk to them – but they’ll take a week or two to try and convince you


2 – then they stall.

“It’s a process”

“We lost the form”

“Sorry we never received your request”

All manner of excuses to hold onto your loan – somewhere, someone has done the math on how much extra interest the lenders can earn by holding onto your loan for an extra fortnight, because thats exactly what happens.


Who can blame them, they’ve loved having you, they’re bound to be sad you’re going, but going you are – there’s savings to be made!

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refinance your loan to save money, or access your equity


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