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First home buyers

First Home buyers, we’ve got you covered

The thing about buying your first home is you don’t know what you you’re doing, it’s such a foreign world! You don’t even know what you don’t know! You don’t know where to start.

And you don’t want your loan to be declined, that’s for sure!


First home buyers

Buying your first home – sounds daunting but we will look after you.

You need a true advocate – someone to guide you through the whole process, what are your options? What does it mean? What will work best for me? Your conveyancer & your broker are your two true advocates in this process, we’re here to help & we’re happy to share our experience.

I’ll tell you about when I bought my first home – it was a long time before I was in this game – we had some savings – but not a lot – we kind of woke up one day & decided to buy a block of land, and we did. No pre-approval, no real forethought. We’d looked at builders & knew roughly where we were heading but really didn’t have much of a clue at all.

So, we made an offer on the land and it was accepted – we talked to the builder, he put us onto someone at the bank who could help us but we needed more savings.

We had 10 weeks to save $13,000 – we did it, it was tough, but you can do tough stuff for 10 weeks.

All went to plan until we moved in & the other half broke his arm that afternoon – but let’s not go there yet.

The thing is, we were lucky, all went much to plan and there weren’t things to consider back then like grants and genuine savings history; and we lucked into the right bank for us at the time.

The thing I know now is that’s not always the case, and if we’d had someone guiding us we might have made some different choices – done things a little better. Simple stuff you can get right back at the start of the process which make like easier now and in the future.

So, my advice to you is to take advantage of our free service and buy with confidence knowing that if there’s anything you haven’t thought of – we have, and we have it sorted.

Ask me for my free guide to buying a home now.

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