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Compare Home Loans

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could have a little sticker to remind us when to do a health check on our home loan? You know, compare home loans rates, check it’s still the right structure for us, see what we could do better. Where would we put the sticker? Somewhere we would see it every year or two.

Because the reality is home lending is a fast (and exciting, in my opinion) paced world and there’s always someone hungry for your business, if you’re not checking you’re probably paying more than you have to – and even if you’re not, if all it has cost you is a phone call to know you’re still on a good thing then what have you lost?

I’ve just had my car serviced (big shout out to to lovely people at AAWest Automotive, you rock!), they’ve given it an oil change, filter too I assume, probably fuel filter – really the details are beyond me (and I don’t need to know) but the point is they do all of this with regularity  & precision because they’re professionals and they even give me this little sticker to remind me of when my next service is due.

How to Compare Home Loans

It’s as simple just a phone call to get a professional to compare home loans interest rates for you – a professional service on your home loan – there’s no need to trawl confusing websites, you can just sit back and the work is done for you. How could it be easier!

When we’ve done the math we can give you your options (including re-negotiating with your current lender) and take care of the approval for you – right through to settlement.

Truly, what are you waiting for – give me a ring now on 1300 1 COMPARE or simply pop copy of your loan statement through on email & we’ll sort the rest.

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