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family guarantee

Getting a deposit together, your options

One of the key criteria to buying a home is to have a deposit & enough money to cover your stamp duty and legal fees, if you already own a property hopefully there’s enough equity to draw upon to cover your new purchase, or, perhaps you’re considering selling to release the equity that way.   […]

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What’s your property really worth?

I’ve written about this recently for Proadviser, and I thought I would add to the conversation over here.     Property valuations are one of the trickiest aspects of my job, in that they can cause the most grief. A poor valuation can ‘kill a deal’ meaning you can’t do what you wanted to do. […]

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Single mums can buy property too (and probably should)

I have been asked to take a look at what options exist for mums who find themselves starting again in life. Most particularly newly separated mums although it applies to everyone buying property – and I’m extraordinarily proud of all of the women I have helped buy property on their own.   Its a curious fact – and one I […]

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Your own bank, sadly, is not likely to give you the best deal on your home loan

Alright we all need the banks – without them we couldn’t borrow any money, we wouldn’t be able to live in our beautiful homes, and remember those days when you had to carry cash, everywhere? So we won’t pick on them too much but there is an unavoidable fact – they’re mostly not looking to make […]

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57 years to pay off those jeans and dinners out

How your credit card could stop you buying your dream home

OK, scandalous headline – sorry about that, but there’s some truth in it I’m afraid. Credit cards are a brilliant tool if used effectively – I love them, I accumulate points like a madwoman with the aim of one day going somewhere fabulous. Tropical I think.   I use my card for everything possible then pay […]

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Whats the fastest way to pay off your loan?

I just responded this exact question on a forum – and while the answer is simple: 1 Get a good economic interest rate and reasonable fees (if any) 2 put as much money into the loan (or offset account) as soon as you can 3 and leave it there!! It’s also really complex! The poster writes: “I was […]

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Borrowing the max – should you?

I’ve spent a bit of time looking at affordability lately: How the bank works out what you can afford Making the most of your income for self employeds and I even wrote this post for Proadvisor website on the perilous impact of credit cards   But at the end of the day – what the […]

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