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Archive | Property investing

What’s your property really worth?

I’ve written about this recently for Proadviser, and I thought I would add to the conversation over here.     Property valuations are one of the trickiest aspects of my job, in that they can cause the most grief. A poor valuation can ‘kill a deal’ meaning you can’t do what you wanted to do. […]

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Single mums can buy property too (and probably should)

I have been asked to take a look at what options exist for mums who find themselves starting again in life. Most particularly newly separated mums although it applies to everyone buying property – and I’m extraordinarily proud of all of the women I have helped buy property on their own.   Its a curious fact – and one I […]

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Settlement Day Explained

Everyone wants to know what happens on Settlement day – do I need to be there, what actually happens, when do I get my keys!! Thanks to Cnnnective Aggregation for this great article.   Settlement Day is the most exciting day in your property purchasing journey. For less experienced property buyers, the day the vendor hands over […]

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Have you ever heard of a property being “Company title”?

Another one to file under you have almost no chance of getting approved when you walk in the door of your local bank!   I have a lovely gent buying a new property right now which has an unusual designation, instead of standard torrens title (most homes) or strata title (most townhouses or units etc) […]

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