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57 years to pay off those jeans and dinners out

The consolidation question – when consolidating your debts makes sense – and when it doesn’t

One smaller repayment sounds brilliant, but beware the pitfalls of consolidating your debts into your home loan, for you may forever be paying off that big weekend away from last month (or worse still that cute pair of heels).   Juggling a variety of repayments to cover your credit cards, personal loan, car loan and […]

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Your own bank, sadly, is not likely to give you the best deal on your home loan

Alright we all need the banks – without them we couldn’t borrow any money, we wouldn’t be able to live in our beautiful homes, and remember those days when you had to carry cash, everywhere? So we won’t pick on them too much but there is an unavoidable fact – they’re mostly not looking to make […]

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Compare Home Loans

Is it time to give your home loan it’s 80,000k service? Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could have a little sticker to remind us when to do a health check on our home loan? You know, compare home loans rates, check it’s still the right structure for us, see what we could do better. […]

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