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When is not the right time to sell?

If you listen to anyone real estate is all about location, location, location (and timing, but thats kinda quietly whispered behind because frankly it’s a minefield).

If you asked me when is the perfect time to sell I would say never – but with a big asterix.

I’ll start here, In 2010 I sold up and used the equity I had in a couple of homes to upgrade our own home – buy the new family residence with minimal home loan – the dream goal!! I was really happy with my decision at the time.

Moving forward 4 years and all three properties we sold have gone up in value to the tune of $100,000 – $250,000 each. Ouch. Thats a potential $300k or more, considerably more but I’m refusing to do the math. Boy I wish I had never sold…

I am a massive advocate for “you can only do what you can do”, if you’ve ever spoken to me you would have heard me say that; so my advice for selling is:

  • If if suits your goals
  • If its anyway at all financially viable,
  • if the advice of your experts allows


But if not, take the advice and do the best you can do. (And disable all real estate alerts)

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