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Penrith mortgage broker

Sometimes its just easy working with someone who knows your local area – a big sigh of relief!


What a funny location Penrith is, such a diverse area with so many different people and properties! Its such a very big region and if you’re house hunting you already know that the prices are very different across the region. Sure I’m mobile and I see people all over Sydney (and because of this I really do know loads of areas very well), but it does help to have someone who really knows your area to look after your loan.


How does it help you to have a local look after your home loan?

Well for starters I know the rough price points (therefore values) of almost every property type in the region, so if you tell me you’re going to buy a fabulous four bedroom home on River Road Leonay for $500,000, I will gently point you towards the quieter end of Leonay or Emu heights before you waste your time looking.


Similarly, if you’re about to spend $600,000 in a location where properties are usually only $350,000 – $450,000 then you’ll appreciate my advice.


Or maybe you want to refinance and you’re not sure what your home is worth, chances are I know (and I have means to find out!)


If any of this is you don’t worry – I’ll be gentle & I won’t make you feel silly!

As a local Penrith mortgage broker I see this a lot. Recently, I met with some people who were actually selling a home for $500,000 in Cranebrook area, with a view to buying a much bigger, better home with a big backyard in the same suburb. Here’s the problem – their budget for the purchase was the same as the price they had sold for. I guess they thought they’d snagged the sale of the century on their place and they’d pick up a bargain to move into.

The thing is the market has moved so much that the price they’re receiving is the right price for the place and we needed to slightly adjust our expectations for the new home. No point in compromising on your absolute must have features (work out what these are here) because it’s very expensive to change homes again when things don’t work out. So we looked at expanding our suburb range and or changing our price. Turns out we can afford an absolute mansion in the same area and the step up wasn’t too much – but it is a step up.

Don’t waste your time getting disappointed, ask me first, after all – I’m local!


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