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Your own bank, sadly, is not likely to give you the best deal on your home loan

Alright we all need the banks – without them we couldn’t borrow any money, we wouldn’t be able to live in our beautiful homes, and remember those days when you had to carry cash, everywhere? So we won’t pick on them too much but there is an unavoidable fact – they’re mostly not looking to make life better for us; existing customers, at their expense.


I’ve written here that its a little bit like a car dealership – once they’ve got you in the door they stop trying to win you and happily take your money in fees and interest.


I hate to admit that most lenders are not rolling out their specials to the clients they already have, as a loyalty reward – generally the specials are there to attract new customers through the doors, and while we’ll happily take advantage of these if it suits our overall needs it still grates a little once your in. (I do say MOST, there is one lender who I love using because they do reward loyalty very well in my opinion).


Back to the dealership analogy, if you want lenders to fight for your business you need to compare offers from as many as you can, then give your bank a chance to compete armed with this information (this is a huge time and fee saver) and if they aren’t able to then at least you have a plan in place.

But how to do this? Simple – ask a broker. They don’t charge a fee (well the good ones anyway) and they can do a thorough job for you.

We have access to simple software that compares fees and interest rates and can even predict savings over any term you’d like & we know which policies will impact on you in both a good and bad way. Its too easy.


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