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What’s your property really worth?

I’ve written about this recently for Proadviser, and I thought I would add to the conversation over here.     Property valuations are one of the trickiest aspects of my job, in that they can cause the most grief. A poor valuation can ‘kill a deal’ meaning you can’t do what you wanted to do. […]

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Whats the fastest way to pay off your loan?

I just responded this exact question on a forum – and while the answer is simple: 1 Get a good economic interest rate and reasonable fees (if any) 2 put as much money into the loan (or offset account) as soon as you can 3 and leave it there!! It’s also really complex! The poster writes: “I was […]

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Borrowing capacity, the complete low down

We call it the three C’s of lending, the tests by which it is determined if you can borrow money, and if so – how much: Character Capacity Collateral   Let’s look at Capacity. Online borrowing calculators will give you a very standard result as to what the bank might look at lending you – nothing […]

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How to: Buy a home when you are self employed | Australian mortgage brokers

How To Buy A Home When You’re Self-Employed Self-employed borrowers come up against the challenge of not being able to simply present payslips to back up their loan applications. But this need not stop you buying your dream home. Australia’s leading Mortgage brokers Sydney show you how. Most lenders will ask for your last two […]

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All things property and home related, passionate advocate here!

All things property, and home related are my passion! I love real estate – the buying of, the selling of, the research, improvement, occupation and decoration of property is more than a hobby, it’s also my business. Kinda’ neat that the two can fit together so well. I admit to subscribing to real estate alerts […]

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Tips to creating a budget | Home loan comparison

Does the thought of budgeting send a shiver down your back? Home loan comparison show you the easy way! Creating a budget doesn’t have to be ugly, and it doesn’t mean cut to the bone – its’ simply taking a look at your finances, working out what you’re spending on food, housing, entertainment etc. If you have ever looked at your […]

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How to: Offset accounts for your own home loan | Mortgage Caculator Australia

Most mortgage brokers Sydney will recommend an offset account, let’s look a little closer at why. If you have a personal mortgage, you want to save every cent you possibly can – don’t pay a cent more in interest than you need to! There are way better things to spend your money on I say. […]

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